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People in a hotel lobby gathered around a laptop, next to a Xerox Workplace Kiosk

Xerox Kiosk Offers New Sources of Revenue

Xerox® Workplace Kiosk offers better, more profitable, self-service document solutions.

Workplace Kiosk brochure

Xerox® Workplace Kiosk

Xerox Workplace Kiosk in a pharmacy

Convenience meets profitability with the Xerox® Workplace Kiosk – easy-to-use document services for those on the go. Discover print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities that can be placed in easily accessible locations to increase customer loyalty, grow revenue, and provide profitable business opportunities.

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Simply scan the QR code with a mobile device to connect to Xerox® Workplace Kiosk services for a touchless, print-pay-go experience – without having to download an app.

4 young people at a table in a coffee shop, next to a Xerox Workplace Kiosk
Xerox Workplace Kiosk

Here is why the Xerox Workplace Kiosk is a valuable service for hosts and customers alike:

For customers:

Convenience takes the lead with the Workplace Kiosk, providing a range of benefits:

  • On-demand print, copy, fax, scan to email services at convenient locations

  • Fast self-service without waiting in line

  • Touchless operations for safe purchases

  • Quick scan QR code enablement without having to download an app

  • Fast, commonly-used payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and most major credit/debit and gift cards

  • Secure data handling with built-in device security from Xerox and industry-leading payment processing

For hosts:

For business owners looking to open their doors, the Xerox® Workplace Kiosk is a well-timed and valuable growth opportunity.

Unleash new revenue potential:

  • Capture more customers and revenue by offering new, convenient services

  • Easy management with rapid setup and simple remote administration

  • A small footprint that works for businesses of any size

  • A self-serve kiosk, allowing staff to focus on the core business

Attract more foot traffic:

  • Increase foot traffic looking for these convenient services

  • Provide services that busy workers on the go are looking for

Provide secure, self-service simplicity

  • A secure SaaS Cloud-based portal

  • An industry-leading partner for safe payment processing (Stripe)

  • QR-code-enabled operations for a touchless, risk-free engagement

Father pushing child in a grocery cart, next to a Xerox Workplace Kiosk

Productivity, on the go

The Xerox® Workplace Kiosk represents a quantum leap forward in productivity and versatility. Xerox® VersaLink® devices are built on Xerox® ConnectKey® technology, designed to transform the way we work today and making it easier to work securely from anywhere.

Workplace Kiosk models are available in multiple footprints and support a range of print volumes to meet any need. The following models can be instantly converted to a Workplace Kiosk through an easy installation of a Xerox app.

Xerox VersaLink C7100 Series MFP
Xerox VersaLink B7100 Series MFP
VersaLink C400 Color Printer
Front view of a Xerox VersaLink B400 Printer
Xerox VersaLink C415
Xerox VersaLink C625 Multifunction Printer

Key Industries

Regardless of your industry, Xerox Workplace Kiosk is a win-win for you and your customers, students or guests.

Print-for-Pay Shops

Print-for-Pay Shops

  • Shift responsibility for everyday document processing to your customers

  • Free up your staff to concentrate on more complex, high-value work, such as design

  • Provide faster service for walk-up users

  • Expand your customer base and increase repeat business



  • Helps visitors do all of their own printing, copying, scanning, and faxing – without any staff interaction

  • Adds to your profits – you set the price for the service, and the customer is automatically charged when the work is delivered

  • Posts charges directly to the customers credit/debit card, simplifying hotel bills and lowering check out times

  • Increases data protection and security by allowing customers to handle their own sensitive information

Public Spaces and Retail

Public Spaces and Retail

  • Provide current customers with the document processing services they need where they already shop

  • Earn more from each customer without increasing your costs or workload

  • Increase foot traffic and attract new customers who wouldn't normally have visited your establishment

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