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Are you ready to reap the endless advantages of automation?

For years, they’ve said that adopting advanced technologies – like workplace automation – would speed the digital transformation businesses large and small are working toward.

And you know what? ‘They’ are totally right. The fact of the matter is, when companies use proven technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to move away from a process-heavy, error-prone, manual efforts, they do better.

Much better.

Companies that adopted intelligent automation solutions like RPA saw a reduction in costs, increased their revenue and had a payback of less than 18 months, according to a 2022 Deloitte study.

What’s more, clinging to manual processes costs $600B annually between the lost economic contributions of small and medium businesses and the tasks that could be automated to increase efficiency and output. 75 percent of accounting firms, for example, lose as much as a full seven days of work per month to manual tasks – and many are outsourcing to expensive external support options versus choosing automation.

A solution for any problem

Unlike technology solutions that solve unique problems, or are specifically designed for certain sectors, RPA is endlessly flexible. It can be leveraged for countless use cases; from accounts payable and invoicing, to billable hours tracking, to medical records and contracts. It works for mid-market firms and small businesses and can easily be scaled up to serve the needs of enterprise companies automating thousands of different processes across a complex organisation.

No need to go it alone

RPA can be implemented as a service, not an infrastructure investment. Some may hesitate to bring new technologies as in-house options because they lack IT support, the investment in infrastructure is too high, or the cost of learning and then maintaining the solution is simply too steep.

But a service model ensures any company of any size or business type can reap the automation advantage. Through an external partner, businesses can cherry-pick the services and bot capabilities that would allow them to easily automate processes. The experienced partner begins by evaluating the client’s needs, then assesses the ROI before building, deploying, and measuring the results. It continues with ongoing high-touch support to ensure things keep running smoothly. At every step of the way, companies work less and benefit more.

Reduce that to-do list

Companies can be restrained by many factors when it comes to bringing fresh technologies online, whether it’s adjusting to a distributed workforce, labor shortages, strained IT resources, or budget constraints. Factor in how new tech seldom fits easily with current working systems and adopting automation processes can appear too time consuming and complicated. Most companies lack the personnel to develop plans themselves, but the reality is that these businesses can’t afford not to adopt automation.

After all, automation can alleviate challenges like labor shortages and IT spend. The result can free up employees to refocus on the truly impactful tasks they’re uniquely qualified to handle – and open the door for every business to focus on the big picture versus repetitive, low ROI work.

Technology that transforms

It’s clear automation is a priority for today’s decision makers. How to implement is the question, with the focus on ensuring high ROI, identifying the priorities and best opportunities, training and building out employee skills and making sure the transition is smooth and hassle-free.

Automation is here to stay and every business can enjoy the benefits – large or small. Imagine, for example, having the ability to truly focus on customer success or ensure employee productivity and engagement is at its max. As technology advances, the applications across every field and process grow. Staying out in front of new trends is critical.

From complex processes like deal pricing and supply chain visibility to simple invoicing or swivel seat tasks, Xerox® Robotic Process Automation Service provides customised solutions that free time and resources, unleashing businesses to dream even bigger and bolder than ever.

Xerox solution experts partner with businesses large and small to develop tailored RPA automation blueprints using a three-step process that identifies and understands current processes, maps and evaluates them for automation, and sets about implementing the solution with an optimal business case.

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Robotic Process Automation

Imagine if you were free to focus on the big picture while bots took care of your manual tasks.

We do it before you even know it needs doing.

From automated order generation to AI-powered document processing, and everything in between.

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