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Driving Campaign Performance

In today's dynamic marketing landscape, there's many ways to connect with customers and prospects, spanning digital, mobile, and print. Our expertise lies in determining the optimal channels and methods to deliver your message to the right people and when they are most receptive. With Xerox by your side, rest assured your communications will hit the mark every time.

Campaign Activation and Management

You’ve done the analysis and planning, now, it's time for the tactical execution and measurement. We’re dedicated to ensuring every detail perfectly aligns to deliver a successful campaign. We bring together the best of both worlds: impeccable execution and innovative creativity, ensuring your campaigns not only run smoothly but also leave a lasting impression on your audience.

From small campaigns to omnichannel marketing, we can help.

Multichannel campaigns

When integrated, mail and digital seamlessly enhance the customer experience (CX). MarketReach research, and work by bodies like the IPA, DMA and Advertising Association have all proven the power of multichannel campaigns.

At Xerox, we craft campaigns that leverage the power of print alongside various digital formats such as HTML, SMS, personalized URLs, portals, and apps. Our systems effortlessly deliver communications through the target’s preferred channel, whether it's email, SMS, or print.

Document composition

What puts us head and shoulders above others is that our campaign platform is powered by Quadient, a world leader in creating relevant, personalised interactions.

Go Inspire, a Xerox company, were one of the first UK partners to adopt Quadient and now use its document composition solutions for over 40 of our clients, including highly regulated brands like BT, British Gas and Lloyds Banking Group.

Customer packs

We can produce and distribute welcome packs, membership kits, or ownership guides.

Our universal transactional management system (UTMS) not only standardises their digital or printed contents but also provides management information at every stage of their design and deployment.

Creative Support

You might assume that we only manage the logistics of campaign deployment, but that's not the case—we're creatively inclined too.

Our prowess extends beyond the mechanics; we’re artists wielding pixels and prose. Whether it’s copywriting, design, or digital development, we’ve got you covered.

Print Management

At Xerox, we're passionate about print! It's more than just ink on paper—it's a tangible experience that fosters genuine sensory connections. According to neuro-insight data, traditional mail holds 49% more power in etching itself into your long-term memory compared to email alone. Talk about leaving a lasting impression! That's the power of print, and at Xerox, we're dedicated to bringing that power to life in every project we undertake.

Digital Comms

Digital communications may be the best route for some of your targets. It’s fast, easily personalised and simple to measure, making it easy to track and analyze campaign performance in real-time.

Digital comms are constantly evolving but here’s a byte-sized precis of what we do.

Email composition & deployment

A complete solution that optimises content and processes and reduces timelines.

It even builds in flexibility for further automation, especially when emails bounce back.


People check their phones every four minutes! Mobile devices are an untapped powerhouse for marketing, and it's astonishing considering that SMS boast significantly higher open rates compared to emails. We recognize the immense potential of mobile marketing and offer innovative solutions to help you drive revenue.

QR codes

QR codes provide a seamless transition to online, enabling people to easily complete tasks like donate, download information, shop, fill in forms or access lengthy content like FAQs or T&Cs. QR codes make comms easily measurable and cut out a lot of PPC spend.

Storytelling on demand with Toldright

It’s time to look at video under a new lens. Together, our mission is to redefine brand-audience connections through mesmerizing motion graphics.

Go Inspire, a Xerox company, collaborate with thier Emmy-Award-winning partners, and provide brands with an accessible, scalable, and user-friendly content production solution. Get ready for an adventure where storytelling converges with innovation, as your brand's narrative unfolds in exhilarating new dimensions.

Mail Services

Consider us your trusted mailroom consultants! Whether it's managing your inbound or outbound mail—or both—we've got you covered. At Xerox, we go above and beyond to secure the best postage rates for your business, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.

With 250 million Images per year of in-bound mail processed, see what else we can deliver:

Inbound communications management

Handling inbound post, including loyalty scheme applications, complaints, and 'return to senders,' can be a time-consuming task. But fear not! At Xerox, we offer comprehensive solutions. From physically receiving and processing mail to digitally storing it in your CRM database or securely disposing of it, we ensure seamless management every step of the way.

Rest assured, our ISO 270001 standard means your information is safe with us.

Outbound mail

Mail is an incredibly versatile tool in today's marketing arsenal, capable of reaching doorsteps within days of a trigger.

With our data-driven approach, every element of the mail piece—from imagery and content to discounts and envelope design—can be personalized for maximum impact. Explore our range of self-serve, automated, managed, or hybrid services tailored to suit your needs. At Xerox, we're here to optimise your mailing campaigns for success.

Returns management

Managing returned post due to recipients being deceased or having moved away can be a time-consuming endeavor.

However, at Xerox, we streamline this process for you, alleviating the hassle and keeping you informed every step of the way. Our services not only identify the reasons for undelivered mail but also update your records accordingly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your mailing operations. Let us handle the logistics, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Promotional Merchandise and Point of Sale

Whether you're seeking event giveaways or promotional merchandise to support fundraising efforts, Xerox is your trusted source for cost-effective and ethical solutions.

We specialise in producing a wide range of printed items, spanning from small accessories like badges and wristbands to larger merchandise such as clothing and tote bags. Let us help you put your brand directly into the hands of your customers and make a lasting impression.

End-to-end Campaign Management

If all you need on your marketing journey is help with campaign implementation and deployment then we can certainly do that. But equally, you could benefit from end-to-end management where we handle not just this important aspect but also your insight and analysis and strategy and planning. It could prove more cost-effective and deliver better results.

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Xerox® Global Document Services

Discover integrated business solutions from Xerox to redesign your work environments and optimise your business workflows.

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Digital Hub and Cloud Print

Consistent communications are essential to customer conversion. Let’s make it easy to start a conversation.

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