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TalkTalk acquisition targeting and direct mail delivers 4000 new customers

The Challenge

To support their first-to-market 100% Full Fibre-to-Premise (FTTP) connection offering, TalkTalk challenged Go Inspire, a Xerox company, to identify their perfect target audience and use laser-focused targeting to acquire customers through the direct mail channel, reducing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the process.

The Solution

A database profiling the status of every individual UK household was developed from publicly available data and inferred consumer behaviour applied. The UK’s FTTP footprint was overlayed and undesirable households removed, leaving an untapped selection of prospect properties to mail.

To maximise standout and engagement, each personalised mailing included the recipient’s street name in variable colour and a variable QR code, enabling TalkTalk to track which households had scanned, entering them into a follow-up communications programme.

The Results

  • Over 4,000 new customers acquired in just 16 weeks

  • CPA fell 73.4%

  • 12-month ROI for the campaign was £2.80:1 / 180%

  • Forecasted 60-month ROI for the campaign was £14:1 / 1,300.00%

  • The personalised QR codes received over 2000 unique scans

  • Of those scans 5% converted

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