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Unlocking the Power of Data with Xerox

Data: Your Strategic Advantage

In the ever-evolving business landscape, data serves as the lifeblood of customer communication. It fuels your strategies, shapes your decisions, and propels your marketing endeavors. At Xerox, we recognise the critical role data plays in your success.

Introducing the Golden Record

Imagine having a unified, comprehensive view of each customer—a single source of truth. Enter the Golden Record. Continuously nourished by diverse data streams and real-time uploads, it ensures that your decision-making is grounded in the freshest customer insights. With the Golden Record, you’re equipped to:

  • Future-Proof Your Business: Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the most up-to-date information. The Golden Record adapts seamlessly to changing customer dynamics.

  • Drive Efficiency: Streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and optimise resource allocation. Your operations become leaner and more effective.

  • Minimise Risk: Informed decisions mitigate uncertainties. By relying on accurate, real-time data, you reduce potential pitfalls.

Setting you up for success

Data Enrichment / Data Augmentation

No matter where your data is stored - fragmented databases, disparate datasets, and digital systems we can seamlessly integrate it.

Furthermore, we can enhance this data by infusing it with comprehensive third-party information, thereby constructing an unparalleled Single Customer View (SCV) tailored specifically to your needs.

No more ‘wasted’ opportunities

Data needs robust hygiene and suppression to be fit for purpose or you risk both your reputation and effectiveness of campaigns.

We have the UK’s most comprehensive data cleansing and suppression assets to help weed out such waste as goneaways, duplications, contact preference screenings (CPS) and invalid addresses. Consider them gone.

Acquisition Data

Sales pipelines rely on the steady flow of new customers.

We work across all channels, including door drops and partially addressed mail (PAM), to drive digital conversion and win prospects. We design targeting strategies that isolate your best prospects and prevent budget waste on those who’ll never convert.

Secure hosting & real-time updates

We simplify your data management and ensure it’s up to date.

How? By seamlessly integrating your business, transactional, and communications data into a centrally hosted and highly secure database.

Our team then uses a range of API integrations and feeds to automatically update your data in real-time. We can either host your data or, by integrating marketing technology with your own systems, enable you to self-serve.

End-to-end Campaign Management

If all you need on your marketing journey is help with campaign implementation and deployment then we can certainly do that. But equally, you could benefit from end-to-end management where we handle not just this important aspect but also your insight and analysis and strategy and planning. It could prove more cost-effective and deliver better results.

900 Data Variables

Available for acquisition data modelling.

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Xerox® Global Document Services

Discover integrated business solutions from Xerox to redesign your work environments and optimise your business workflows.

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Digital Hub and Cloud Print

Consistent communications are essential to customer conversion. Let’s make it easy to start a conversation.

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